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The Sugar Creek Gang Series
by Paul Hutchens

The Mission
For over 50 years, generations of children have thrilled to the faith-building adventures of this courageous Christian "gang". Paul Hutchens wrote these legendary escapades -- and God has used these anointed, action-packed stories to bring many boys and girls to salvation... and on into practical discipleship! We are seeing the fruit of the long-ago vision of Paul Hutchens even today! Click HERE to read recent letters from parents and then contact us to find out how you can be a part of this growing ministry.

The History
Click HERE for Rick Mannor's Sugar Creek Gang fan site!

Audio CDs
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Radio Broadcasts
'Adventure Time' was the original Sugar Creek Gang broadcast for radio. Click HERE to contact HisKids Radio about putting 'Sugar Creek Gang Adventure Time' back on the schedule!

  Step back in time...
to one-room schoolhouses,
hot summer days of fishing,
fun and barefoot boys.

Sugar Creek Gang stories
engage the imagination and
draw a child's heart into
a living relationship with God!

Hymns, scripture verses,
nature lore, poetry;
sensitivity toward the disabled,
the oppressed...

and the courage and confidence
to share the good news of
salvation through Jesus Christ.

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